Floral Arrangements and Funerals: The Hidden Meanings of Flower Types

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Floral Arrangements and Funerals: The Hidden Meanings of Flower Types

For my mother's funeral, my sister and I spent a lot of time thinking about flowers for her funeral. We wanted beautiful, colorful flowers that reflected upon her energetic spirit and her love of bright, bold color. However, when we began to plan out her funeral with the funeral director, we were surprised to learn that different types of flowers had different meanings. Based on their meanings, some were appropriate for a funeral, and others were not. We had no idea about this, but I instantly became fascinated with the topic. I created this website to help educate others about the meanings of flowers and which are appropriate for funerals.

How To Plan Your Own Cremation Services

Have you decided to be cremated when you pass away? No matter how old you are at the present time, if you are planning your own funeral services, you are doing your loved ones a huge favor. Dealing with your death will already be difficult for them, and having to take care of funeral plans would be an added burden during a hard time. 

Meet With The Funeral Director - Planning your own funeral is something you want to do in person. Meet with the funeral director who can help you set everything up. From selecting the urn where your remains will be kept to planning a reception, the funeral director will make all of the arrangements for you. Be sure that you keep a record of all payments you have made, whether it is a partial payment, or whether you have paid for the funeral in full.

Involve A Trusted Person In Your Plans - Whether it's a trusted friend or a family member, it just makes good sense to have somebody oversee things at the time of your death. That person should be aware of all that you have done in arranging for your cremation services. Be sure that this person knows where important papers are kept. Besides keeping pertinent records in a safe place, think about giving copies of them to the person you have selected to carry out your wishes.

Arrange For A Display - Some people, especially those who are not familiar with cremation, have a problem because there is no actual body to bid farewell. Consider having a display that will make things more personal. In this display, you could include photographs of you from the time you were a baby through present days, a collection of awards, items that depict your interests and hobbies, and even favorite articles of clothing, like a cowboy hat, tennis shoes or hiking boots.

Plan The Services - One of the great parts of planning your own funeral is that you can write your own obituary and there won't be any mistakes. Besides including information about your birth place and the date you were born, consider adding interesting facts that many people don't know about you. Which childhood memories are dear to you? What are your philosophies on life? Don't be shy about writing down your accomplishments, as these are an important part of your life. Music would be a lovely addition, whether you select favorite hymns, classical music played on the piano or another instrument, or any other music you love.

Best wishes on planning your cremation services. Contact a funeral home, like Richard H Keenan Funeral Home, to get started today.