Floral Arrangements and Funerals: The Hidden Meanings of Flower Types

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Floral Arrangements and Funerals: The Hidden Meanings of Flower Types

For my mother's funeral, my sister and I spent a lot of time thinking about flowers for her funeral. We wanted beautiful, colorful flowers that reflected upon her energetic spirit and her love of bright, bold color. However, when we began to plan out her funeral with the funeral director, we were surprised to learn that different types of flowers had different meanings. Based on their meanings, some were appropriate for a funeral, and others were not. We had no idea about this, but I instantly became fascinated with the topic. I created this website to help educate others about the meanings of flowers and which are appropriate for funerals.

Planning Your Estate? Two Reasons Why You Should Consider An Organic Burial Pod

In addition to detailing how you want your assets to be delegated, a large part of effective estate planning is allowing you to describe your final wishes.  While you may believe that your only two options are either a traditional, casket burial or cremation services, there may be another alternative available to you in the very near future: the burial pod.  A burial pod is essentially a biodegradable coffin that allows the human body to return to the soil while simultaneously nurturing a tree that is placed above ground, directly above the pod.  Although the idea of a burial pod is still in its infancy stages, use this information to learn more about why you may want to consider adding this to your final wishes.

Burial Pods Are More Sustainable

One of the most compelling reasons why burial pods are such a great option is because they are the sustainable choice.  Of the nearly two million caskets manufactured in the United States each year, approximately 75 percent are made of metal.  In addition, many coffin manufacturers apply a toxic finish onto the metal caskets that they produce, which can be harmful to the environment.

With so many people on the planet, you can only imagine how difficult it is for the environment to absorb and decompose such a large amount of metal and toxic materials.  Choosing a burial pod is the environmentally-safe option because the pod is comprised of biodegradable materials that are not harmful to soil.  Once the burial pod is approved for widespread use, choosing it can be your way of protecting the planet for future generations.

Burial Pods Create Beautiful, Sacred Forests

The aim of the burial pod project is to transform the look and feel of traditional cemeteries.  There are some people who are very afraid to visit cemeteries because the somber aura given off by row upon row of hard, gray headstones may not be appealing to them at all.

Using burial pods transforms cemeteries into beautiful, sacred forests, where people can go to nurture the tree that is placed on top of where their loved one was buried.  Instead of a place shrouded in mystery and fear, you can be laid to rest in an oasis that your friends and family will feel comfortable visiting.

Once the notion of the burial pod gains more traction, it will likely be offered as a viable alternative by crematories and funeral homes all across the country.  Consider a burial pod as your final resting place so you can leave a lasting legacy.