Floral Arrangements and Funerals: The Hidden Meanings of Flower Types

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Floral Arrangements and Funerals: The Hidden Meanings of Flower Types

For my mother's funeral, my sister and I spent a lot of time thinking about flowers for her funeral. We wanted beautiful, colorful flowers that reflected upon her energetic spirit and her love of bright, bold color. However, when we began to plan out her funeral with the funeral director, we were surprised to learn that different types of flowers had different meanings. Based on their meanings, some were appropriate for a funeral, and others were not. We had no idea about this, but I instantly became fascinated with the topic. I created this website to help educate others about the meanings of flowers and which are appropriate for funerals.

Dust To Dust | 4 Things You Should Know About Cremation

When you are in the process of making plans for your own funeral and end-of-life arrangements, it is likely that you will be proposed a question that you may have not given much consideration in the past: Do you wish to be cremated?

As simple as the question may be, you might want to give the idea some consideration before just opting for a traditional burial. The easiest way to enlighten your mind is to learn a little about cremation services and why this is a logical choice for as many as about half of the US population who say yes to cremation.

1. Transitory Remains Can Be Important - In a society where moving around is easier than it ever has been before, being laid to rest in a cemetery may not be the most logical choice. When you have your remains cremated, you become more transitory and left behind family members can just take you with them wherever their life may take them. Therefore, you will never be left behind or have to be concerned that you are making it difficult on any of your family members by choosing a specific burial location.

2. Cremation Is Typically Less Costly - When you eliminate a casket, vault, burial plot, and headstone from the total list of costs associated with your death plan, you can save a lot of money. On average, cremation will cost about $1,100, whereas you could spend much more than that on just a casket.

3. Cremation Is Considered More Natural Than Traditional Burial - Cremation eliminates the need for embalming services if handled soon after your death. Plus, you will not be placing foreign materials in the ground during your burial. Therefore, this is considered to be a more natural option.

4. Cremated Remains Can Be Transformed - You may not know it, but your ashes can be used to create an array of different things after you are gone. You could become an actual simulated diamond or piece of fine jewelry. Remains can be incorporated into a painting, a firework, or biologically added to the roots of a tree.

When you take a look at some of the facts and reasoning, it is easy to see why so many people go ahead and opt for cremation instead of traditional burial. When you are asked this question during your pre-planning process, make sure you take some time to think about the benefits and whether this could be the most logical choice for you.

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