Floral Arrangements and Funerals: The Hidden Meanings of Flower Types

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Floral Arrangements and Funerals: The Hidden Meanings of Flower Types

For my mother's funeral, my sister and I spent a lot of time thinking about flowers for her funeral. We wanted beautiful, colorful flowers that reflected upon her energetic spirit and her love of bright, bold color. However, when we began to plan out her funeral with the funeral director, we were surprised to learn that different types of flowers had different meanings. Based on their meanings, some were appropriate for a funeral, and others were not. We had no idea about this, but I instantly became fascinated with the topic. I created this website to help educate others about the meanings of flowers and which are appropriate for funerals.

3 Things To Know About Cremation Services

Whether you are planning your funeral or the funeral of a loved one, there are many options to consider. One decision you will need to make is whether to go with a burial or a cremation. Oftentimes, religious views, personal preferences, and other factors influence which option is the most desirable. However, if you are considering cremation services, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

You Can Still Have A Funeral

The first thing to know about cremation services is that there can still be a funeral before the cremation happens. While many decide to have a memorial service instead, a funeral with visitation is also an option if cremation is preferred. Having a visitation or funeral allows people to say goodbye, but cremation follows instead of a burial. However, the body may need to be embalmed before the funeral, adding to the total cost. If you decide to have a funeral or viewing before the cremation, discussing embalming with the funeral director before making plans is essential. 

How Much It Costs

The cost of cremation services varies depending on what they include. A direct cremation with no funeral or visitation can range from $500 to $4,000. A basic cremation package will consist of transportation, body storage if necessary, the processing of the needed documentation, and a basic container for the ashes. Costs for a funeral followed by cremation will be much higher. A funeral or visitation followed by interning or burying the ashes can cost $6,500 to $16,500. When selecting a cremation package, it's essential to consider the deceased's wishes and what the budget allows. 

There Are Many Options Post-Cremation

Another thing to consider is that there are many options for things you can do with ashes after a cremation. Once the cremation services are finished, the ashes will be delivered in an urn, container, or other vessel of your choosing. Many decide to share the ashes among loved ones. Scattering the ashes in a location that was important to the deceased is also a popular option. Before committing to cremation services, consider what you want to do with the ashes after the cremation.

There are a few things you should know about cremation services. First, it's still possible to have a funeral before the cremation. Second, cremation services vary in cost, but a direct cremation costs anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Finally, there are many options to consider once the cremation has happened. 

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