Floral Arrangements and Funerals: The Hidden Meanings of Flower Types

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Floral Arrangements and Funerals: The Hidden Meanings of Flower Types

For my mother's funeral, my sister and I spent a lot of time thinking about flowers for her funeral. We wanted beautiful, colorful flowers that reflected upon her energetic spirit and her love of bright, bold color. However, when we began to plan out her funeral with the funeral director, we were surprised to learn that different types of flowers had different meanings. Based on their meanings, some were appropriate for a funeral, and others were not. We had no idea about this, but I instantly became fascinated with the topic. I created this website to help educate others about the meanings of flowers and which are appropriate for funerals.

Things To Know About Cremation

There are many people in the world that do not want to have an open casket funeral. In fact cremation services are becoming more and more popular. There are many misconceptions about cremation services. This article will outline four things that everyone thinking about cremation should know.

Funeral Services 

There is a common misconception that being cremated takes the place of a funeral. This is not the case in the least bit. Most of the time cremation occurs after a traditional funeral is held. So if a person wants to be cremated, but has always wanted a funeral they can have both. There is of course the option to be cremated right away, and in that case there would be no funeral. 

Handling The Remains

There is a wide variety of different things that a person can choose to have done with the ashes. The most common choices are that of being buried or kept in a urn. Although these are the most traditional methods of handling the remains there are multiple other options for handling the remains. A person can also have the remains scattered over a particular location. This option may take additional preparation depending on where the remains are to be scattered. A person may also choose to have their remains incorporated in jewelry, fireworks, or shot into space. 

Planning a Cremation

Most of the time a funeral home can help coordinate a cremation. This is especially true if there is to be a traditional funeral service before the cremation. There are also laws that vary from state to state on who can coordinate a cremation. Some states mandate a funeral director coordinate the cremation service. The best way to learn about the laws in your state are to call the crematory directly. They will be able to tell you the state laws in your area, and help you get the cremation planned. 

Cremation Products

There are certain products that you will need to be sure to purchase when getting ready for a cremation. If a traditional funeral is still on the agenda, be sure to purchase a casket. If the remains are to be put in a urn than the urn needs to be purchased. One of the most overlooked products for a cremation is a spot to bury the remains, and a lining for the casket. There will be rules and regulations set up by the cemetery that must be met. Talk to the cemetery manager to ensure regulations will be followed.